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Are you still struggling to find high speed internet where you live? This is not satellite based internet! We are the leader in rural broadband internet solutions. We offer unlimited high-speed internet using the latest cellular technology! We are able to provide truly high-speed wireless internet to virtually every corner of the country. We now also offer Near-Line-of-Site high-speed internet solutions for members that are in range of one of our tower locations! You don't have to wait any longer to experience all the benefits  of truly high-speed internet today. Don't be let down again because you hit your data limit for the month after only streaming a few online movies! Unlike your "Phones" Unlimited hotspot data, which slows to a trickle after hitting 10 or 15GB of usage; our Modem/Routers don't! And unlike other hotspot services we don't throttle your speeds or have limits on amount of data that is high-speed! Stream all the movies and TV you want without worrying about hitting your data cap or being throttled again! 

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