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Our members benefit the most!

Broadband for home and on the go!

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Our 4G Modem/Routers with both WIFI and Ethernet capabilities not only provide high-speed internet for your home but you can take your modem/router with you when you travel or to your second home! Finally broadband internet available where you need it when you need it with out paying for two services!

What do I need to get started?

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Your membership will provide you with one of our 4G modem/router kits to get you started. We offer upgraded modem options with all of our membership packages. 4G and 5G modems are capable of such high speeds due to their ability to make multiple connections to a tower at the same time. Higher category modems make more connections equaling higher speeds. 

Unlimited streaming of TV and movies


Our members are finally able to cut the cord from the high priced satellite TV services! Thanks to our high-speed data plans with no data limits you can finally enjoy all the benefits and cost savings streaming TV services have to offer!

What if it doesn't work?

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If the membership does not connect or is slower than expected we have you covered! We can simply add one of our high gain antennas that can boost the weakest of signals! Finally, if you are not 100% happy our 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy allows you to return your device for a full membership refund. (Self installations are required outside of North Western PA)

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